Automatic Gates

for Homes & Commercial Premises

We are able to provide our bespoke gates with the automation neccessary to enable your gate to be opened and closed from the convenience of your property, or a nearby vehicle. And, it’s not only driveway and estate gates that can benefit from integrating automation. Opening mechanisms can be added to garden and side gates also, which prove particularly beneficial to those of hindered mobility.

Automation for Swinging Gates

The primary methods of swinging gate automation are Back-of-Gate Automation and Underground Automation, both of which can be integrated discretely by DH Bespoke Gates & Railings.

Sliding Gate Automation

A rack, or flat gear, is attached to the gate and works with a pinion gear on the motor. This causes the gate to open and close as the hublot replica motor is worked. It is important that the system chosen is suitable for the style and weight of gate. A popular variant on the traditional sliding gate is the cantilever sliding gate. Cantilever gates are suspended off the floor, thus removes the need for tracking and resulting in a quieter system.

Our automatic gates can benefit from the following features:

  • Remote controls
  • Autosynchronised photocells
  • Slimline profiles and consealed mechanisms
  • Manual override
  • Built-in control panel
  • Battery backup
  • Variable open and close speed
  • Partial access for restricted access.

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